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Pediatric Urology

Pediatric Urology

At Rainbow Children’s Hospital, we ensure that the gynecologic and urologic problems of your children are treated with sensitivity and empathy. We have a team of experts, including fetal medicine specialists, endocrinologists, radiologists, nephrologists, oncologists, neurosurgeons, and orthopedic surgeons. To reduce your child’s recovery time and discomfort, we try using minimally invasive techniques without compromising on the quality of care. If necessary, surgical treatments can also be performed. As part of our state-of-the-art, medically invasive treatments, we have laparoscopic surgery, endoscopy, and 3D laparoscopic surgery.

Here are the services provided by pediatric urologists at the Rainbow Children’s Hospital:
- Evaluating & surgically managing the kidney stone disease
- Evaluating and managing vesicoureteral reflux, voiding disorders, & urinary tract infections that might need surgery
- Evaluating & managing issues regarding urinary tract associated with neurological disorders like spina bifida
- Evaluating & managing issues regarding the urological tract that are identified before birth
- Surgery in childhood & adolescents for groin conditions, including varicocele, hernia/hydrocele, undescended testes, etc.
- Reconstructing the urinary tract surgically, including kidneys, bladder, & ureters
- Surgery for hypospadias, sex development disorders, & genital abnormalities
- Surgical management of malignancies & tumors of kidney, testes, & bladder
- Open operations on kidney, urethra, & bladder
- Bladder augmentation, pyeloplasty, ureteric reimplantation, hypospadias, & bladder augmentation surgeries, urodynamic studies
- Special bladder clinics for treating bladder anomalies in children
- Endourological procedures like deflux injection, PUV fulguration
- Laparoscopic urological surgeries, including ureteric reimplantation & laparoscopic pyeloplasty

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