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Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, also known as, PICU, is a specialised treatment unit for severely ill children, teenagers, and young adolescents. Highly critical pediatric cases such as the acuity of critical pediatric patients and the potential of life-threatening complications are taken care of at PICUs.

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Rainbow Children’s Hospital is one of the most advanced intensive care units in the country that treats critically ill children. With a team of inhouse Pediatric Intensivists available 24/7, supported by full-time Pediatric Subspecialist Consultants, advanced ventilation modalities, and advanced organ support system, the PICU delivers the best outcomes for critically ill children and children with complex problems. Our PICU is equipped with HEPA filters and Special Air Handling Units to maintain bacteria-free air circulation. In addition to this, our PICU is embedded with facilities like Latest Generation Ventilators, Nitric Oxide Delivery Units, Continuous EEG Monitoring, ICP Monitoring, and Hemodialysis Machines.

The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit offers the following services:
- HEPA filters and special air handling units for maintaining bacteria-free air circulation.
- Infection control team
- Equipment to monitor and manage the children
- Facilities like the latest generation multi-channel cardiac monitors, intracranial pressure monitoring equipment, in-house 2D echo, continuous EEG monitoring, ultrasound machines, hemodialysis machines, etc.
- All the ICUs have latest generation ventilators, nitric oxide delivery units, and high-frequency oscillators
- Pediatric therapies

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