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Pregnancy & Delivery

Pregnancy & Delivery

Pregnancy and Delivery is a journey that requires support at every stage of labor from highly skilled medical specialists. If you are expecting, the birth of your child will be the most memorable and awaited event in your life.

BirthRight by Rainbow Hospitals was one of the first hospitals to integrate childbirth into the settings of a children’s hospital. There is enough evidence which supports the fact that childhood and subsequently adult health is shaped right from the fetal (unborn baby) period. Supervision and specialized care are essential from the fetal period, for the child to be born in the best of health before and after birth, and the first breath that the child takes should essentially be in a hospital that will care for the child from infancy to adolescence.

We have three strong pillars of Perinatology, namely fetal medicine where we are look after the unborn baby, Obstetrics where we are look after the mother during pregnancy, childbirth and eventually the neonatal stage, where we look after the new born baby. This ensures that pregnancy, childbirth and transition to parenthood happen in a seamless manner for you under one roof.

Our team of doctors is committed to maximizing efforts to achieve safe normal deliveries. At Rainbow Children's Hospital & BirthRight, the 1st corporate hospital in South India to introduce the concept of perinatology, our pregnancy and delivery specialists are available for you every step of the journey with support from expert Obstetricians, Neonatologists, and Gynecologists available 24/7 to attend. Pregnancy and delivery packages are available, and they are tailored to your needs. In our facilities, you can speak with the top obstetrics in your area to determine which package is ideal for you and your baby.

- Labor and Delivery: Our hospital offers family-centered care, providing everything you need for safe and healthy delivery. We offer a totally safe environment for your baby to be born. Whether you need a C-section or normal birth, our professionals will provide you with the best care. You can expect the best pregnancy and delivery

- Prenatal Care and Testing: We provide comprehensive support during pregnancy, with our team of obstetrics/gynecologists, nurses and high-risk doctors or maternal-fetal medicine specialists. We provide the entire spectrum of prenatal care, including neonatal specialty care, diagnostic testing and advanced imaging.

- NICU (Newborn Intensive Care): We have highly experienced neonatal nursing teams and neonatologists to provide round the clock care at the NICU, if things do not go as planned.

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Dr. Jayasree Sundar

Director – Obstetrics & Gynecology

Madhukar Rainbow Children’s Hospital and BirthRight, Malviya Nagar, Delhi


Breast Cancer Awareness: Need of the hour

Dr. Varalakshmi

Consultant - Gynecology and Obstetrics

Madhukar Rainbow Children’s Hospital and BirthRight, Malviya Nagar, Delhi



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