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High-Risk Pregnancy

High-Risk Pregnancy

There are several situations where women are at risk of having complications during pregnancy by factors such as women’s age, past history and pre-existing medical problems. Pregnancy can be termed as high risk if the expecting mother have certain medical issues like diabetes, hypertension, thyroid problems, PCOS, obesity, fibroids, and HIV/AIDS. Women with these and other medical problems are seen in a multidisciplinary setting along with physicians.

Approximately 3% of our annual pregnancies are complicated and high-risk, and sometimes require specialized and concentrated care to protect the lives of both mother and baby. From the pre-pregnancy maternal evaluation through a detailed fetal assessment to ongoing perinatal care, our comprehensive team diligently assesses all risk factors. We are committed to providing the best care to every mother and baby with the assistance of neonatologists, obstetric anesthesiologists, critical care physicians and nurses.

Furthermore, specialized investigation and treatment is offered to those with repeated abortions, and women who've had one or more caesarean section in the past. Such women are encouraged to opt for normal delivery and are given every possible care necessary to identify any problem at the earliest so that appropriate intervention is carried out.

At Rainbow Children's Hospital & BirthRight, our obstetricians have specialized expertise in treating and dealing with high-risk pregnancies and its complications. We offer the latest procedures with minimally invasive surgeries supported by advanced technology, and have a dedicated maternal ICU with isolation cubicle to care for the mother and baby in case of any complications.

At BirthRight by Rainbow Hospitals, our expert team handles all high-risk pregnancy cases, and can provide the following services -

- Multidisciplinary care
- Coordinated approach
- Availability of Pediatric Subspecialists
- Perinatal & neonatal program combined

High risk pregnancy can be complicated and therefore, we provide comprehensive care to ensure that nothing goes wrong during the pregnancy, as well as, after the birth of the baby.

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