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Childbirth Preparation Classes

Childbirth Preparation Classes

Pregnancy and Childbirth can be challenging experiences that often involve physical pain and anxiety. Today’s expectant parents seek information as it increases their confidence levels and helps de-stress, which in a way lessens the percentage of pain and helps her them have a better childbirth experience. Our aim through these classes is to provide you with evidence-based information which will help you view birth more positively and encourage you to be more confident in the natural ability to give birth.

Childbirth preparation classes, also known as antenatal classes, help you and your partner prepare for labor, delivery, breastfeeding and even caring for newborns. In most cases, going to classes improves the confidence of expectant parents as birth approaches. Our childbirth preparation class covers the labor and delivery experience. We will cover techniques for relaxation, breathing, and concentration that will help you during labor. Labor preparation classes will be extremely useful for young parents and first-time parents. They can also be very useful for women who come under high-risk pregnancy.

Our childbirth classes will serve the following purposes:
- Increase knowledge and confidence about pregnancy and birth process
- Decrease fear of childbirth, tap into inner resources for working with pain
- Allow the woman to understand what her body can achieve & the changes it goes through
- The physiology of breastfeeding
- Care of newborn
- Prenatal exercises for strength and flexibility

Furthermore, we will also teach you about :

- The signs of labor & when to call the hospital
- How to prepare for labor
- The different stages of labor
- Relaxation and breathing skills to use during labor
- Different birthing positions
- Breastfeeding
- Early parenting
- The behaviour of a newborn baby

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