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Embryo Donor Treatment

Embryo Donor Treatment

An assisted fertility treatment, embryo donation is used when pregnancy cannot be achieved with one’s eggs. A popular fertility treatment, it can be an emotional rollercoaster for some patients. In most of the cases, couples who consider embryo donation have had to deal with previous failures in treatments where their own eggs were used. In this treatment, a couple will receive an embryo which is not genetically connected to either the egg or the sperm donor. The procedure is confidential and the donor's and couple's identities are kept anonymous.

At BirthRight Fertility by Rainbow Hospitals, we provide the best treatments for couples based on a thorough analysis of their condition. Our team of expert fertility specialists explain couples seeking egg donation in the process. We use latest and advanced technology to complete the transfer, and it is a fairly painless procedure.

- There are two ways of accomplishing embryo donation:
- When the IVF cycle originally takes place
- Later, when previously frozen embryos are used
- With frozen embryo donation, embryos are frozen and donated by another couple. For each treatment, multiple embryos are created, but only a few of them are used. Couples can opt to donate the embryos they don’t use to others who are having issues with conception.
- We also prove the option of embryo creation. Here, a donated egg is mixed with a donated sperm for creating an embryo. The embryo won’t be biologically related to the recipient. The embryo resulting from the process is then transferred into the recipient’s uterus.

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