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Motherhood is a beautiful journey of not just 9 months but a lifetime. Even though it is the best phase of a mother’s life, she needs trusted and expert perinatal support to have a smooth pregnancy and a healthy child. From ultrasounds to childbirth preparation classes, our renowned, reliable and compassionate obstetricians are available for assistance 24/7. At BirthRight, our ethos is to provide a new mother with the comfort, confidence and support she needs throughout her journey.

Our aim is to provide new mothers with the best and most reliable perinatal and postpartum care to ensure the mother and the baby are safe and healthy throughout their
pregnancy and after delivery. The realization of the integration of perinatal care to a children’s hospital gave birth to BirthRight. We have world-class infrastructure and labor rooms, advanced technology, renowned obstetricians and 24x7 emergency support, along with a Level 3 & 4 NICU to ensure there's no delay in care of the baby in case of a high risk delivery.

Our expertise lies in fetal medicine (when a child is in the womb), high risk pregnancies and vaginal birth after cesarean. We continuously strive to provide women with high-risk pregnancies specialized care to ensure the best possible outcomes. At BirthRight, we also encourage couples to opt for Fetal Medicine consultation during their pregnancy to increase the chances of a healthy baby after birth.

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